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राष्ट्रीय सूचना-विज्ञान केंद्र
द्वारा. जिल्हाधिकारी कार्यालय, यवतमाळ
दूरध्वनी क्रमांक. 07232-242538, 240718, ई-मेल - mahyav[at]nic[dot]in

National Informatics Center a high priority plan project was set up with a long-term objective of setting up a computer-based informatics networks for decision support to Government/Ministries/Department and development and of databases programs. NIC awareness in promoting and systemizing the data collection, organization, processing and its on-line accessibility. From 1985-86 NIC has extended its informatics support services to state and District and Administrations and signed Memoranda of understanding with all the State Government/UT’s of the Union of Indies.

NIC has been made the nodal S& T organization of the Government of the India under the Ministry of information technology to introduce information technology tools for executive support system (EGS) development and distributed databases (DPBS) expert system electronic mail services and 450 District administration through its satellite based information communication network (NICNET).

National Informatics Center (NIC), constituted by the Government at all levels of its hierarchy such as the Central Government, State Government and District Administrations, has set up a nationwide satellite based computer communication network called “NICNET”. NICNET in its present configuration connects all Central Government Departments/State Government Secretariats, District Administration Headquarters and some public sector organizations in an a single integrated network. In parallel with setting up infrastructure, NIC has developed a large number of informatics services for almost all sectors of the Government such as economy, industry, etc. Many of this service make extensive use of NICNET resulting in timely, efficient and reliable flow of information at different levels in the Government hierarchy.

Applications developed & implemented by District Center:

Single Window System (SWS) - Citizens can obtain standard forms from SWS, fill in and submit at the Counter SWS scatters to eighty-two types of services from a single counter in Collectorate. Final certificate and interim status of the application is available over SWS counter.

Land Acquisition System (LAS) -Land Acquisition is done for major projects. Las are a powerful tool to monitor scrutiny, inquiry, notification, approval, publication, valuation and award distribution of LA cases expeditiously. It ensures efficient service to landowners and development agencies.

SGY System (SGY) - The scheme provides financial aid to poor, land less & handicapped people who are below poverty line (BPL). SGYS covers monitoring of five social assistance schemes. Money order, bank list, post list beneficiary register printing etc. are fully automated.

Civil Supply System - Civil supply department purchases commodities and stores it in government or private godowns for further distribution. This software has district (CSS-D) and Tahsil (CSS-T) modules. In district module, godown wise / commodity wise data is compiled so that DSO can get district status at a glance. Tahsil module covers permit, R, R2, H, H1 & W forms.

Land Record Software - Land is a valuable asset of human being Documents relating to these lands are kept at safe place. This document forms a “Land Record” In rural areas, owner of land can be finding out from village form No 7/12. This is called as Record of Rights. In Urban areas these are called as property Register Card. This gives you comprehensive extracts of a given property.

LMIS - This S/W is developed by NIC, Pune. This software is used for the computerization of Village Form 7/12. LMIS s/w is implemented in all 16 Tahsils of Yavatmal District. Computerized 7/12 will be issued to the farmers.

PCIS - This S/W is developed by NIC, Pune. This software is used for the computerization of Property Cards. PCIS s/w is implemented in all 16 TILRs of Yavatmal District. This s/w is used for the computeration of property cards. Computerized PR cards are being issued to the Public.

Rainfall - This software is used for the recording the daily received data from Tahasil offices to keep track of the rainfall in past period in Yavatmal District. It generate the reports of daily rainfall, average rainfall etc.

Lokshahi Din - Lokshahi Din application made for monitoring complaints receives against various Departments. This software maintains the information of all complaints and grievances and generate the report for District Administration.

Software, Hardware and E-Mail Support

NIC district center, Collector Office Yavatmal extending software, hardware and e-mail support to the following Government offices for the computerization of their various department.

  • District & Session Court

  • Zilla Parishad

  • Agriculture Department

  • District Industries Center, Yavatmal

  • District Employment Office

  • District Deputy Registrar