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Important Places  





Ghanti Baba fair at Digras and Shri Ranganath Swami fair at Wani are the most famous fairs in district. Similarly Shri Chintamani fair at Kalamb, Maroti Mahraj fair at Ghatanji, Datta jayanti festival at Mahur Jambhora are also found famous. Mahashivaratri festival is also celebrated in various parts of the district such as Pusad, Mahagaon etc. Fair are complimentary to the weekly markets.  In the fairs, traders and shop keepers set ups their temporary stalls.   Large quantities of agricultural produces and other articles of daily use are available for sale. People buy necessary articles in these fairs. Shir Ranganathswami fair is famous for trading in bullock and other cattle.


Historical & Touristical Places


Forts, old temples and picnic points play an important role in shaping the socio-economic pattern of the district. There is no such historical fort of tourist attraction. A few temples and beautiful picnic spots attract pilgrims and tourists visiting the district. Datta Mandir located at Niranjan Mahur, Dhanki, Jambhora, old temple of Narsinha at Anji (Ghatanji), Kalamb, Khateshwar Maharaj temple at Jodmoha are important places in the district.  Hot water springs at Kapeshwar at the bank of Painganga River is the point of attraction for the tourists.


Chintamani Ganesh Temple at Kalamb  - It is an ancient village situated on Nagpur - Yavatmal road. There is a typical underground temple dedicated to Chintamani. There is a famous water tank as ‘Ganesh Kunda’. The village is situated on the bank of river Chakravati. The fair of Shri Chintamani is held in the month of Magha Shudha from Chaturthi to Saptami.


Wani - Wani is tahsil headquarter situated on the bank of Nirguda river. The famous temple of Shri Ranganath Swami is found in this town. Thousands of pilgrams visit the temple from Falguna Vadya to Chaitra Sudha 15. Wani is an important trading center for cattle and bullocks. There are coal Mines near Wani. The place is well connected with important places in the district by state roadways and also by train.


Yavatmal - Yavatmal, the district headquarters is the biggest city in the district. Ginning Factories, Oil and Pulse Mills and Saw Mills are located in the city. Educational facilities such as Medical College, Ayurvedic College, Polytechnic institutions/college for boys and girls, Physical Training Colleges are available in the city. Jagat Mandir and Khoja mosque are important places in the city.


Digras, Darwha, Pusad  -  There are Ginning and Pressing Mills found.


Arni - Located on the bank of the river Arunavati. A huge fair (Ursa-Shariff) of Baba Kambalposh is held here.


Pophali - This is situated on the Pusad-Umarkhed road. It has a Sugar Factory.


Umarkhed - It is  known as a famous Trade Center for cotton.


Ghatanji - Located on the bank of the river Waghadi.A fair in the memory of Moroti Maharaj is held here.


Rajur – This place  is in Wani taluka. Coal and Limestone are found here. There are many limekins In the area.


Patan bori - Tiles are made from stones in Patanbori. This place is in the boundary of District along the Nagpur- Hyderabad national highway.


Ner - This is the taluka headquarters and lies on the Yavatmal- Amravati road. A big Cattle Market is held here.


Umari -  It is situated on the Yavatmal-Wani route having large wood collection and sale center belongs to the forest department.


Ralegaon-      This is the taluka headquarters and has various saw mills. It also has Ginning and Pressing Mills.


Babhulgaon - This is the taluka headquarters on the Yavatmal-Dhamangaon road. It is a well known Trading Center.