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Office of the Executive Engineer, Irrigation Division, Zilla Parishad, Yavatmal
Works for execution – Minor irrigation works from 0 to 100 hectors

The Z.P. Irrigation Division works under the administrative control & Advice of superintending Engineer, Minor Irrigation (Local Sector) circle, Amravati and Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad Yavatmal. Under this Division the work of Minor Irrigation of which Irrigation potential of 1 to 100 hectors is expected comes for execution by obtaining proper sanctions to the projects from the Zilla Parishad.

Types of Works
  • Irrigation Tank
  • Percolation Tank
  • Village Tank
  • Storage Tank
  • Kolhapur type Bandharas
a) Irrigation Tank

Irrigation tanks are earth fill dams and having irrigation potential upto 100 Hectors. The irrigation is achieved by canal construction and formers under command area gets water through the canals. The main irrigation is under the kharip and Rubbi season and is a direct irrigation through canal system.

b) Percolation Tanks

These are adso the earthfill dams of which indirect irrigation capacity is below 100 Hect. The formers below the Dam Area can get water for irrigation by taking open wells in the fields and can lift water for irrigation. The main purpose is to increase under ground water table downstream side.

c) Village Tanks

These are also earthfill dams of storage capacity below 5 m.c.ft. These provide only storage water, which stores cattle problem and also overcomes the water availability.

d) Storage Tanks

The tanks which does not satisfies the percolation benefits but storage lasts are treated and constructed as storage tanks. These dams do not have canals and stored water is utilized by lifting by means of pumps etc for irrigation.

e) Kolhapur Type Bandhara

These are masonary Bandharas/Concrete Bandhara’s constructed across the river/Nallah’s streams. By these works post mansoon flow is obstructed and stored. Farmers under the command area (both sides of nallah/River) are advised to lift water from the Bandhara. The main irrigation is Rabbi and other summer season .

The Kolhapur type bandhara’s are constructed across the Nallah/River. It has opening of 2.0 m width across. After 15 th October every year. The Bandhara is obstructed by putting the steel needles in these opening. The following water stored is then lifted for irrigation.